Thursday, November 17, 2011

Spurs, Bits, Snaffle Bits Made in USA by Sliester of California

Buckaroo Leather is honored to offer USA Made Spu
rs, Bits and Snaffle Bits from Sliester of California.

Their Spurs and Bits are Cowboy made
since 1954. Sliester is proud to have over 50 years of continuous USA production in the Equine Industry. Their spurs and bits are hand crafted in the old California tradition.

Sliester is a progressive com
pany that maintains quality as a tradition, and improvement as a continuing goal. Their contact with leading trainers and horsemen has given them a chance to provide what the professionals want -- quality, serviceability and dependability. Being a family owned and operated corporation like Buckaroo Leather, insures that each Sliester product is free of defects and comes with a 100% guarantee.

AAA Grade USA Made Spurs

Spurs are available in Stainless Steel or Iron (iron will turn rich red/rust color).

Options are 3/4" band width with 2" shank, SL12 shank is with chap guard and SL13 is without chap guard (plain shank).

Available in Mens or Ladies sizes.

Rowels available as pictured- top spur Blunt 5 point rowel or bottom spur 9 point rowel.

Sliester Bits

These bits are hand crafted by the best in the industry bar None! Each Sliester Bit is custom made, never mass produced, offering a fine feeling of balance. All the bits are hand made for beautiful balance and weight.

Sliester Bits feature the "SQUARE PIN." This keeps the cheek pieces from turning and pinching the horse's mouth, yet allows all the action required in a loose jawed bit.

The special alloyed metal from which the mouthp
ieces are made is the result of extensive metallurgical research. This special alloy creates a reaction within the horse's mouth that helps prevent dry mouth, thus reducing fatigue.

AAA Grade USA Made Ring Snaffles

Snaffle Rings are 3" stainless steel plain #53 or engraved #50 (bottom picture), Standard mouth width is 5". The snaffle rings are available in Large horse or Mule 5 1/2" or 6" and Small Horse 4 3/4"

Snaffle Mouth piece metal options are Smooth mouth
#08 in Copper or Sweet Iron and Twisted wire #00 in Copper or Sweet Iron.

AAA Grade USA Made (Mechanical) Hackamore

This mechanical hackamore is standard with quality double sewn oiled leather noseband.

Cheek options are standard length 9" aluminum or stainless steel. Or 7" (Shorty) stainless steel.

This mechanical hackamore is available in regular horse size, Large Horse size, Mule size, small horse sizes, cob and Arabian horse sizes.

AAA Grade USA Made Bits

Sliester Bits are 8 1/2" Stainless Steel Cheeks- Plain #22 (top picture), Engraved #28 (bottom picture).

Standard Regular Horse mouth width is 5". Large Horse, Mule, and small Draft horse sizes 5 1/2" or 6". Available in larger Draft sizes, please call 530-545-0139. Click here to see all 13 mouth pieces to select from.

AAA Grade USA Made Shank Snaffle Bits

The shank snaffle bits have 5 1/2" Stainless Steel Cheeks. The mouth is a Standard width of 5". Available in Large horse and Mule sizes 5 1/2" or 6". Click here to see all 5 mouth piece options.

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