Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Western Leather Reins-The Cowboys Steering

Found this in a book on Cowboys-an old west cowboy describing leather reins in his own words-

Leather Reins

"Reins are the two leather rawhide or horsehair lines runnin’ from the bit ring to the riders hand used to guide and control the horse.

There are 2 types of reins-but many styles –the flat le
ather, buckled onto the bit. The other’s braided rawhide with romal and is attached to the bit by “bit” chains or “bridle” chains. These are short pieces of chain fastened to the bit ring on one end and the reins on the other end. Some riders like chains because the reins don’t get wet when the horse drinks, also keeps the horse from chewin’ the reins.

Open reins are then not tied together each independent of the other, usually ‘bout seven ft in length” most cowhands pre
fer open reins because if the horse falls or if the rider is throwed the reins fall to the ground.

Tied closed or California reins are tied together at the ends or the entire reins are made in one piece often made of braided rawhide and worked into a romal at the horse end. Tied reins are not popular with most cowman, California is where the tied reins are used most, handed down by the early Spanish.

The romal is a flexible whip made on the bridle reins when they are fastened together. The Spanish "el romal" means literally "a branch road, a division or ramification thus attached" as it is by the loop to the bridle reins the romal becomes but a ramification of the rein, a handy addition that can be used as a quirt and dropped from the hand with out fear of it getting lost.

The romals’ removed when ropin and placed ‘round the roper’s waist which was the reason most old timers ordered romals to their waist measure.

A light r
omals no good if used as a quirt (pictured here) in windy weather for the lash’d be hittin’ the user in the face, a long romals no good either for it might cause the hoss to stumble and fall over it."

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