Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Simple German Martingale with Conway Buckles

Here is the one piece of training horse tack you all been waiting for. Our newest design by Horse Trainer Bob Kinford. Excellent for all Martingale Training!

Our Fully Adjustable German Martingale is made simple with less hardware, just simple conway buckles for adjustment.

German Martingale NEW simple design

This Fully Adjustable German Martingale is made from quality Hermann Oak Harness Leather. This quality leather Martingale is our newest design by Bob Kinford and is Excellent for all Martingale Training! Made simple with less hardware, just simple conway buckles for adjustment. Rein options are a 5/8"" Heavy Harness Split Rein or 5/8" one piece adjustable. Finished with Nickel Plate Hardware.

Watch the Buckaroo Leather How To Video on how to properly fit your quality German Martingale........

Bob's testimonial- "The conway buckles won't hang on the bit when you get in a bind like the snaps do. Bind you ask? Horse (or mule) stumbles in a hole, you it have its head to catch it's balance and SNAP you're in a bind with the martingale snapped to the bit! Does not happen with the conway buckles and I have tested it extensively on 100s (possibly more than 1,000) colts!"

Bob has been working with cattle and horses all of his life. Bob's life has been spent working on ranches throughout the west from Montana, to Texas and from California to Nebraska. He also is the creator, organizer and producer of the Texas Crossroads Cowboy Gathering in Van Horn, Texas. The event promotes cowboy poets, musicians and storytellers to the world. He also produces the Texas Crossroads Cowboy Gathering, the only cowboy entertainer talent show in the west!

Thank you to Bob for his expertise in developing a simple but effective horse training product. You can follow him on facebook, visit his website and blog!

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