Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rough-out Saddles and Horse Tack What is It?

A popular type of saddle is a rough-out leather saddle or a "slick fork cowboy style" saddle. These saddles are popular for many reasons, including functionality for working cowboys.

Buckaroo Leather has created new Rough-Out Breast Collars to match these cowboy rough-out style saddles.

First- lets talk leather-

Leather saddles are made from heavy hides known as saddle skirting. Skirting comes in different weights (thickness) and grades (quality). The thickest skirting is used for the heavy wear areas such as fenders, stirrup leathers and seats.

Skirting has two distinct sides – the grain side, which is smooth, and the flesh side, which is rough. A saddle can be made with either side facing out as the finished side.

Most saddles are made with the grain side out. A saddle with the flesh, or rough, side facing out is called a rough-out saddle. A saddle can be completely rough-out or partially rough-out. Fenders, seat jockeys, and seats are the most common rough-out parts.

The appeal of rough-out is that it provides additional grip and stick for the rider. For those riding for a job where function takes priority over looks (working cowboys, horse trainers), rough-out style saddles are quite common.

Working Cowboys can now purchase that same quality rough-out leather on their horse tack. As part of your rough-out cowboy gear-

These Breast Collars are designed to match the popular rough-out saddles and Buckaroo Wade style saddles.

Leather Roper Breast Collar BC60ro
This Rough-out Style Breast Collar is made from Hermann Oak Bridle Leather. This Rough Out Breast Collar will match your Cowboy Style Rough Out Saddle. The saddle tugs have a 1" width. We recommend an over the Neck strap for the best fit. We have BC13ro- our over the neck strap in the rough-out leather style.

Breast Collar Old Martingale style "Choker" BC68ro

Hand crafted from the finest Hermann Oak Rough Out Oiled Golden Bridle Leather w/ chap lining, this Old Martingale style shaped breast collar (some in the sage call it a "CHOKER") features an over the shoulder fit for a better pulling position. Also featured is the adjustable neck strap and billet. The breast collar is hand edged, rubbed and finished with nickel hardware.

All Around Breast Collar BC50ro

Hermann Oak Quality Leather Breast Collar rough-out style leather. The Breast Collar is 1 3/4" with 1" saddle tugs and 3/4" down strap. The Breast Collar is double and stitched and has a soft chap lining with Nickel hardware. For the best fit- add a rough-out style leather over the neck strap,BC13ro.

Over the Neck Breast Collar Straps BC13ro

NEW design Over the Neck Breast Collar strap designed to go up over the withers to hold your Breast Collar up in the correct position over the shoulder as not to rub across your horses shoulder. Fully adjustable and snaps on to any Breast Collar. NOW available in Rough-Out leather.

Rough-out leather saddles, wade style saddles and slick fork saddles are all durable and the best choice for the working cowboy.

To match this durability in your cowboy gear is the new selection of rough-out Breast Collars from Buckaroo Leather!!!

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saddle pad said...

I like these horse accessories very much. Great design. Good job.

Unknown said...

Well thanks for taking your time to comment Saddle Pad...

Anonymous said...

Help! I have a rough out breastcollar, that had gotten a little ry, I have a rough-out bridle and headstall, and have used the same saddle soap on them that I tried on my breastcollar, but it seems like the oils or whatever in the soap clung to the "knap" of the leather, and turned it black... Now, instead of having a beautiful natural rough-out, I have an extremely dirty looking breastcollar that I CANNOT get clean... I have neverhad this problem with my other rough-out items, and am completely lost on what to do to get this OFF OF MY BREASTCOLLAR!