Tuesday, September 29, 2009

100% Alpaca Mecates-Hand made In the United States

Buckaroo Leather is proud to offer 100% Alpaca Mecates-hand made here in the United States.

Buckaroo Leather is proud to have found a family run Alpaca ranch in

South East Colorado. The Alpacas are shorn each year and the family has an integral part in the shearing process. This allows the family hands on experience with the Alpaca fiber. All the Alpaca fiber is spun in the United States under the direction of the family.

Each 100% Alpaca Mecate is hand woven and twisted by the family to ensure the quality and craftsmanship for that ultimate feel and communication of each piece...

What are the benefits of using an Alpaca Mecate?

As mentioned in our blog on 100% Alpaca Cinches,

Alpaca wool is considered as soft or softer than cashmere and lighter than sheep’s wool, and is fine and strong.

The qualities of Alpaca fiber make it a natural resource for a Mecate.
First, it is a natural organic fiber, not processed, which is better for the environment.

Second the strength and extreme durability of this fiber is a must for the mecate.
The 100% Alpaca Mecate reins are the natural choice! U.S. grown and manufactured Alpaca fiber with the hand made fine craftsmanship of traditional Vaquero of the Old West!

Ties beautiful on a bosal for a perfect hackamore rein...

100% Alpaca Mecate (pictured above)

Hand Woven 100% Alpaca Mecate Reins. The Alpaca fibers used in these Mecates in grown on a family ranch in South East Colorado. The Alpacas are shorn each year and the fibers are processed in the U.S. Each piece is hand made by these artists to ensure the quality and craftsmanship of each Mecate. These Mecates offer the Best Feel & Communication between you and your Horse....Bar None!
Available in 3 sizes-
3/8 inch x 22ft

1/2 inch x 22ft

5/8 inch x 22ft

Look for Alpaca Split reins and Alpaca roping (one piece rein) coming soon.....

Our family has been dedicated for 30 years in serving
the Western Horseman the safest most durable Quality
American made leather horse tack.......

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