Thursday, August 13, 2009

Himalayan Horse Salt-The Natural Green Choice


Heat and cold stress will affect your horses’ condition, recovery time, and trainability. If you can lessen the stress from heat and cold, you get better performance from your horse and a better price when you go to sell it. Himalayan Horse Salt does that and more. Here are more of the health benefits from this all natural organic product:

Regulating the water content throughout the body. Because the Himalayan salt is so pure, so free of toxins, and not baked at 1200 degrees, the crystalline structure doesn’t require nearly as much water or energy to absorb as the ‘regular’ stuff. This means your horse doesn’t bloat onwater, dilute his electrolytes, and YOU don’t waste as much bedding - or time and energy cleaning his stall!

Promoting a healthy pH balance in your cells, particularly your braincells. As it doesn’t use as much water, the pH remains right where it should be, which allows them to function with less energy wasted, and allows your horse to perform better, no matter what he’s doing.

Absorption of food particles through your intestinal tract.

Supporting respiratory health.

Promoting sinus health.

Prevention of muscle cramps. When the electrolyte balance is off, muscle spasms occur. Getting enough salt - and the proper amount of water - keeps that from happening.

Promoting bone strength. Getting the proper amount of the correct minerals - Calcium and phosphorous, among others - help to build strong bones.

Regulating the sleep — it naturally promotes sleep. Getting the proper amount of calcium and magnesium in the diet helps calm animals, and helps them to get the proper amount of sleep, so that they can train and compete at their best. The minerals in HorseSalt Brand Himalayan Salt are easily absorbed by the system.

Promoting vascular health. When the proper amount of water is in the system, blood pressure is less of an issue. As this salt helps regulate the amount of water in the system, it helps with this. Also the minerals found in it help strengthen the muscles, and reduce the inflammation often found in patients with blood pressure issues.

In conjunction with water it is actually essential for the regulation of blood pressure.

In using this 100% Organic Himalayan Horse Salt you will see better health in your competition horse and just your pasture pal.

Himalayan Horse Salt is long lasting, even when exposed to weather. They will last much longer than old-fashioned pressed blocks. Your horse will thank you and your body will too! No more lugging around a slippery pressed block! You can even take them on the road with you!

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