Friday, May 8, 2009

All About T.H.I.S. Cares A Charity for Sick Children and Horse Lovers

I have been manufacturing quality leather horse tack for over 30 years and have always enjoyed being able to give back to others.

Buckaroo Leather is proud to be a sponsor of T.H.I.S. Cares. It is a non-profit charitable organization helping equine families in times of need. T.H.I.S Cares stands for "This Horse Is Silent Cares" (T.H.I.S. Cares). They lend a helping hand to the family and address their specific needs and then they silently leave.

While most families medical bills are paid for the families suffer financially because of the time taken from work. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon situation for parents to find themselves in when their child is ill. T.H.I.S. Cares helps equestrian families with catastrophically ill children by using the donation money to make house payments, pay utility bills, buy groceries, and make vehicle notes. 100% of the money raised is used to help the families!

They raise money by putting together trail rides for the equine community! What an amazing way to help a catastrophically ill child. Enjoy a beautiful trail ride and give peace of mind to a family struggling with so much.

Please visit T.H.I.S. Cares website for more of their truly inspirational story and find out how you can participate in this amazing charity.

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