Thursday, March 19, 2009

Buckaroo Leather Slobber Straps

Buckaroo Leather uses the influence of the Vaquero when creating the many styles of Hackamores and Mecates.

(See my squidoo lens for the Vaquero history!)

The Complete Hackamore/Mecate Set, has an all natural hand braided 14 plait rawhide Bosal and a cotton 23' Mecate with a braided rawhide button.Buckaroo offers many traditional "Old mexico" hand braided Rawhide Bosal.

A variation of the Hackamore is called "Mecate Snaffle Bridle Reins". It is used as a rein system for a bridle with a bit. The Mecate Reins are meant to be used with slobber straps and snaffle bits..

The slobber straps protect the Mecate and helps provide a quick release for training the horse. This variation is used by the Natural Horseman. And has become very popular with Nevada and High Desert Buckaroos...

Buckaroo Leather makes slobber straps to attach your Mecate to your snaffle. Our most popular slobber straps are the ones with a buckle. The buckle allows you to buckle on or off the bit without having to untie your Mecate.

Buckaroo Leather makes plain slobber straps, to get the job done or a fancy style slobber strap.

Buckle on Slobber Straps (pictured here) are made from Hermann Oak Harness Leather, Red or Black Latigo leather or oiled chestnut. The Slobber Strap is Hand edged and Hand rubbed and has a Solid Brass or Nickel Plate Hardware. This strap is designed for an easy Mecate change.

This Slobber Straps (pictured here) has Engraved Silver Buckles and is hand crafted from Premium Hermann Oak Harness Leather. It is hand edged and hand finished. It is Designed for easy Mecate Change.

Buckaroo Leather Co. has all your Hackamore, Mecate, and slobber strap needs. We have many styles to choose from and all are fashioned from the highest grade leather, from Hermann Oak Leather. The quality of our horse tack can not be beat!! You will love our style but come back for the quality!

Please see our Video on attaching the slobber straps in the Blog above, or click here!

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