Monday, October 20, 2008

Womens Intuition.....

My beautiful wife and I look forward to the weekends to rejuvenate from a long week of work. We were on our regular mourning walk and reflecting on the past 30 years of my traveling as a salesman to visit my accounts and how much it has changed in the last few years.

Her women’s intuition had been nagging at her about how we have to adjust our way of business and life to survive in the changing times. Traveling costs as fuel, vehicle maintenance, food etc. are having such a huge impact on pricing to our western horse tack business and the environment than ever before.

How we must cut back on fuel to not contribute to foreign oil and the global oil crises which effects the global environment.

So then I asked her, if I slow down my route do you think my dealers will purchase as much by phone or our website if I am not there to help them with what they need? Will I lose presence of our tack?

Michele said, “I don’t think you will because you have built a loyal following for 30 years of American made safe and durable quality tack equipment that horseman and women have confidence in.”

Than she reminded me that we sell, from our website, outside our western states dealer network to the global horseman and women and they are not as familiar with your tack as the western states of the good old USA. She than said I feel consumers are realizing more than ever how much time, impact on the environment and money they can save by shopping near home or at home on the internet.

I than told her how lately I have heard many stories from horseman and women how they are becoming more educated on the better value for your money from the worldwide web in the way of informational websites and blogs. And they are more aware than ever of the inferior imported and unsafe leather horse tack available on the worldwide market.

We have always tried to buy American made products when at all possible as I think most horseman and women do also. Even more so now as Americans try to support the US economy instead of the global market.

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And I am blessed to have such a Powerful Partner
As my lovely Wife!

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