Thursday, July 31, 2008

Interviewing Jonathan Bartok, a Fan of Buckaroo Leather

Over the past, almost, 30 years I have had the privilege of meeting and provided
quality Leather Tack for some of the top Trainers in the performance Horse Industry.

What has been a treat for me is to watch the careers of some of the young Trainers
grow and continue to use our durable Horse Tack, as they "put in their Time and
climbed the Ladder to Success".

One young man is currently Training Fine Cutting Horses in Weatherford Texas.
I have known Jonathan Bartok since his early teens, when he was living in Orland, California
and under the tutelage of Todd Bimat. Jonathan has been using our Reins and Headstalls for all these years and I enjoyed interviewing him the other day.

Find out what he thinks about Buckaroo Leather Horse Tack.


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Here's an Action shot of Jonathan Bartok on his Mare, CE Tammy Ray, at the Silver State Rodeo in Fallon Nevada, Summer 1998

You can reach Jonathan Bartok, Trainer of Fine Cutting Horses at
or call for an appointment 209-712-4403

Jonathan talked about our famous quality leather tie strings for our rein attachments. Enjoy the video we have prepared:

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