Friday, June 27, 2008

Old Cowboy Style Spur Straps, Rage of the Sage....

The Old West style spur straps
are quickly becoming the rage of
the sage......

The old west designs are coming
back in style and have beautiful
stampings, toolings and hand carvings.
They are available with hand engraved silver,
brass and bright bling......

The wider shapes and designs have a more
comfortable feel across the top of your foot
and you can personalize them very easily with
conchas and buckle sets.

The old dove wing shapes as pictured without
buckles are a very simple design and less
expensive. Once you put them on your spurs
you can leave them attached and just slide off
and on the top of your boots.

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Anonymous said...

i always wanted to be a cowboy!

Anonymous said...

The Old Dove Wing spur straps are so convenient and great looking! Thanks for all your great ideas and information!