Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Anatomy of the Bosal by Pasini Equine

Hackamore principles and the hackamore itself can be applied to any horse and any discipline. Garrick Pasini of Pasini Equine believes and uses these principles with all his new colts and in his Hackamore Horsemanship clinics. Garrick has a true respect for the hackamoreIf you want a horse with a soft mouth, that responds to light cues, Garrick recommends that you try the Hackamore. 

The hackamore consists of the fiador, hanger and bosal. (watch the Buckaroo Leather how to video on the here) 

Garrick recently dissected a part of the hackamore, a starter 5/8th bosal....See below... 

(the information and pictures below are from Garrick's facebook page)   

This started bosal that Garrick built was 11 inches long with a 8 in. nose button. Notice the grime on the inside of the nose button showing contact on the horses nose, very important.

As he un-braids the nose button you can see different colors of muzzle hair embedded in the braid. (pictured below) The rawhide used for the cheek piece is still in great condition, which is very important for communication.

With all buttons completely removed we are left with nothing but the round or body. You can see the reata core in the first picture. (below) I will now add nerve buttons to the nose button in the second picture.

With the nose button prepped its time to braid the button.

If you are interested in learning more about Garrick Pasini and his hackamore clinics be sure to visit his website and facebook page to stay connected. 

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