Tuesday, June 25, 2013

4th of July Special from Buckaroo Leather Products

 Buckaroo Leather Products is having a 

July 4th Thank You Celebration
A special offer for our Buckaroo family and friends.

Any order made through the Buckaroo Leather website

Between June 23rd and July 7th

 will receive  a 15% Discount*

At checkout just use this code  


(*excludes sale prices and saddles) 

Proud to Offer American Made Leather Horse Tack!!

Barbecues, parades, family, fun and fireworks make for a great 4th of July. With parades come horses and their beautiful parade horse tack. Love this picture!!!

Buckaroo Leather loves to bring back these amazing styles.....be sure to take advantage of this great special for quality leather horse tack.

 Old Vintage Breast Collar and Headstall Set

Old West Style Quick Change Headstall

Our family has been dedicated for 30 years in serving the Western Horseman the safest most durable Quality American made leather horse tack....... Buckaroo John Brand 

Buckaroo Leather, The Brand to Demand 
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Monday, June 10, 2013

Why Buckaroo Leather Products???

Buckaroo Leather booth at Western States Horse Expo

Why Buckaroo Leather Products??

"A Cowboy is loyal to his "brand," to his friends, 
and those he rides with”….Old West Cowboy Code 

There are many leather horse tack companies to choose from, so why choose Buckaroo Leather Products?

First and most importantly Buckaroo Leather Products is proud to say that we are a family owned business that has been manufacturing quality leather horse tack for over 30 years right here in the good old USA!!......

......and Buckaroo Leather Products is proud to shout it from the rooftops!!

"A man's got to have a code, a creed to live by, 
no matter his job." -- John Wayne

From Buckaroo Leather Creed….

“The materials which go into the making of Buckaroo Leather Tack and the craftsmanship employed in it’s making 
are elements of the highest importance. 
You could have no higher guarantee of quality 
and workmanship than the name 
Buckaroo Leather upon your Tack.” 

 Happy customers outfitting their mules in custom tack

Along with fine American craftsmanship, Buckaroo Leather only uses quality leather tanned and cured right here in the USA by Hermann Oak Leather. We start with the best leather to create a finished piece of horse tack that is not only beautiful but also unmatched in its quality and durability.

Heart on Ride Breast Collar and Headstall set

Buckaroo Leather has two generations of experience and knowledge in the making of leather riding equipment. We use the most exacting standards to meet your needs for the perfect custom horse tack with your exact fit, style and design. 

Loping Soft Nose Hackamore

Buckaroo Leather prides itself on our customer service. We are here to help you get exactly what leather horse tack you need for your special four-legged friend. The greatest asset a business can have is its reputation in fair dealing. 

“Honesty is absolute - your word is your bond, a handshake is more binding than a contract.”.... Cowboy Code of the West

Tooled Browband with silver and cowboy dots

From Buckaroo Leather Creed…..

  • That our business is to furnish merchandise to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers at a fair value.
  • That no transaction is complete until our customers are satisfied with the quality and the price of the goods and service rendered.
  • That retaining the business of an old customer is of as much importance as obtaining the business of a new customer. 

The Cowboys of the old west communicated around the chuck wagon campfire or at the saloon. Today with the vast ever changing world of technology, Buckaroo Leather has many forms of communication with you our customer. From our Buckaroo Leather facebook page, monthly newsletter, twitter, our How-to-Video’s and this Buckaroo Leather blog we have many ways to connect…but never losing our core spirit of the old west Cowboys and their code.

Californio Vaqueros


Buckaroo Leather loves to create horse tack styles influenced by the traditional western cowboy tack and the Vaquero and Californio styles of the old west. Many of our quality horse tack have this influence in the style and function. Yet, we also create horse tack with a modern “sheekaroo” style with quality functionality. 

"We love supporting future cowboys and cowgirls"...John Brand owner Buckaroo Leather

Picture above is John Brand with the Youth award winner and his prize a Buckaroo Leather breast collar at the Bishop Mule Days. 

Buckaroo Leather Products was honored to donate custom leather breast collars (pic. below) for Bishop Mule Days.

Buckaroo Leather can hand craft any style of quality leather award for your next event

Our family has been dedicated for 30 years in serving the Western Horseman the safest most durable Quality American made leather horse tack....... Buckaroo John Brand 
Buckaroo Leather, The Brand to Demand 
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