Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How to Fit the Very Popular Sidepull Bitless Headstall

Ultimate Padded Sidepull Headstall w/exotic hair on overlay

How to Fit the Very Popular Sidepull Bitless Headstall

To begin, we want to have a willing horse. By walking up and offering the Sidepull and allowing your horse to willingly put their head into the bridle should help get the process started. It also creates an understanding and ease between horse and rider. Wait for the queues from the horse to let you know they are ready to begin. What you want to do once the horse is ready is to adjust the side pull out very wide to get the Sidepull on. That way we can easily adjust it on the horse. You will want to ensure the wide nose band is not adjusted too low. This will cause irritation to your horses breathing and nasal passages. Once on and properly adjusted you want to understand the horses facial configuration. Some horses can be very narrow, other may have more prominent cheek bones, and that will affect how we want to adjust the jowel strap. Make sure you set the horse to their individual configuration. The jowl strap prevents the Sidepull from moving side to side when pulling on the reins, which can cause irritation as well.

Adjustment will really depend on the individual horse, and using your best judgement. You want to make sure of a few things: Ensure the nose band is not putting pressure on the nasal passages, and ensure you can get 2 fingers under the jowel strap, which is probably the most important piece for stability. You want the jowl strap to fall just below or at the horses cheek. The chin strap is not vital to stability, and really lends more to preference. The looser the chin strap the more freely the horse will be able to open and move their mouths.

The main concerns when adjusting your Sidepull are to ensure the noseband is not laying too low and properly adjusted above the nasal passages, that the jowel strap lands at or below the cheek bone and you can get two fingers underneath, and that you pay attention to the signs from your horse. They will tell you what needs to be adjusted and what may be irritating them. Once you have these steps down you are ready to ride!

(the above information is from an article on the Infohorse.com)

 Hermann Oak quality 5/8" Harness leather or Black latigo, flat leather nose, double stitched with soft chap lining; hand edged, rubbed and oiled for a soft supple feel. It features an adjustable throat latch, chin strap and additional jowel strap for more stability.

There are different noseband options for the sidepull available from Buckaroo Leather Products. The type you use depends on how much pressure you want to excerpt on your horses nose. The single lariat rope nose gives the most in a narrow area across the nose. The double rope spreads the pressure out. The flat leather nose gives the least amount of pressure for the more trained and experienced horse.

Buckaroo Leather Products has a great selection of these very popular headstalls. Bitless Sidepulls with rawhide noses, the Justin Dunn Bitless Sidepull, a rolled nose sidepull plus many more. We also offer the bitless sidepull headstalls in large and draft horse sizes, small horse, cob, pony, regular horse and mule sizes.  

 This is a Side Pull style with a width of 5/8". This Ultimate Headstall has a soft chap lining and is oiled for that soft supple feel. It has a flat leather nose with Braided Rawhide around the nose and is finished with Nickel or stainless hardware

 We are proud to work with Justin Dunn of Justin Dunn Mustang Horsemanship to bring you his proven designed signature Sidepull Headstall. Made from the finest quality heavy weight Hermann Oak Harness leather or Black Latigo for a smooth, rich, "broke in" feel. Oiled for that soft supple feel.

 Justin Dunn Sidepull - Draft horse size

The Buckaroo Ultimate sidepull Headstall is just that- THE BEST. Made from the finest heavy weight Latigo for a smooth, rich, "broke in" feel. This  Buckaroo Headstall is double and sewn with a soft chap lining, and oiled for that soft supple feel.


This Buckaroo Headstall is double and sewn with a soft chap lining, and oiled for that soft supple feel. Now with silver OKLAHOMA HAND ENGRAVED CONCHAS...  This Headstall is a bitless Side Pull style with a width of 5/8"

Buckaroo John, in the video below will demonstrate the SIDEPULL, aka "Bitless Bridle", its variations and the reasons to incorporate this useful piece of horse equipment.

 Play this How to Video on the Bitless Sidepull Headstall

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Horse Training by the Californio Vaquero's

The Californio Vaquero's prided themselves on their horsemanship and horse tack. They took great care too hand braid their horse hair mecates and romel reins. The Vaquero’s hand braiding techniques are still used today. 

The rawhide bosals, riatas and quirts, headstalls, and hackamores are all part of the Vaquero "tool box" to train their horses.

The Vaqueros trained their horses for 7-10 years, starting at 4 years old, to react with very little pressure from the rider. At the end of training, the horse and rider would be one. 


The 3 stages of the Vaquero horse training were….

The 1st stage - starts with a hackamore bitless braided rawhide headstall to teach the horse to yield to pressure. The reins were long hand braided horse hair mecates.

The 2nd stage - or "Two Rein" is where the Vaquero would use a thinner simpler version of the hackamore nose piece, the bosal. This bosal was lighter for this part of the stage. The mecate bridle had a spade bit and a braided rawhide romel rein. During this stage of the training the Vaquero would hold both sets of reins and the horse would be controlled with mostly the bosal and light on the bit. Then the Vaquero would transition to only using the bit and would then get rid of the bosal all together.

The 3rd stage- is called the "Straight upon the Bridle". The Vaquero handles the horse with just the spade bit. The Bit is connected with romel reins. The bosal and mecate are used under the bridle to lead the horse. 


This extensive training enabled the Vaquero to control the horse with little pressure. The Vaquero's horse was a skilled cattle horse and would be tested....

The Vaquero use to test their horses skills by tying a thread to the links section of the chain part of the romel reins. The Vaquero would then bring the horse to a stop with a "light" pull of the reins. If the thread broke- the Vaquero needed to pull to hard.

Another way to show off their skills.....trying to rope Grizzlies!!!

Can you imagine the horsemanship skills and the communication of the horse and rider to stop and move in an instant to rope a Grizzly!!!!!

Buckaroo Leather Uses the Influence of the Vaquero when handcrafting our Hackamores

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kenny Lawson of Silver Dollar Ranch Endorses Buckaroo Leather Products

At the Horseman's Re-Union, a few months back, Buckaroo Leather had the great pleasure to meet Kenny & Leann Lawson of Silver Dollar Ranch. Kenny Lawson is a champion Mounted shooter and a professional horse trainer. Kenny purchased a AAA Wade Saddle from Buckaroo Leather to use in his horse training and mounted shooting competitions.

We are proud to have Kenny and Silver Dollar Ranch endorse and use our quality Buckaroo Leather Products, including a Buckaroo Leather breast collar.

 “I ride in a Buckaroo Leather Handcrafted Saddle - simply wouldn’t consider any other”……Kenny Lawson

The Silver Dollar Ranch and Kenny offers horse training, riding lessons and training horses for Cowboy Mounted Shooting. Kenny is a third-generation horse trainer. Kenny’s father, Rob Tanner, who was a World Champion and Hall of Fame trainer, was Kenny’s biggest influence. From a very young age, Kenny worked for his dad learning how to train one of the most complex breeds of horses, the American Saddle-bred. Kenny has the ability to educate horses without taking their curiosity from them. 

All of Kenny’s training programs are based on a philosophy of mutual respect between horse and rider. He has solutions for horses with aggressive ground manners, to trailer loading issues or, for the competitor that would like to perform at the next level. With Kenny and Silver Dollar Ranch you can reach your equestrian goals, increase your confidence, and create a better relationship between you and your horse.

Buckaroo Leather is very excited to have this extremely talented horse trainer and World Champion endorse and use the American made Buckaroo Leather Saddle and Breast Collar. I encourage all of you to visit Kenny’s website and learn more about his training and special events.

15587 Cool Valley Rd.
Valley Center, Ca 92082

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Learn How To Properly Fit Your Mule, Large Horse and Draft Horses

Mules look’n good outfitted personally at the Buckaroo Leather booth at the Bishop Mule Days in Bishop Ca. These sheekaroo mule ladies smilin’ from here to tomorrow.

Give John a call to help you create your dream tack for your large horse, mule or Draft

Larger horses, mules and draft horses are becoming more popular with every day!!!! Thus, making a large demand now for quality American leather horse tack and equipment that fits properly.

Large Horses:

Large horses all have heads longer and broader across the brow with larger throats. So, Buckaroo Leather offers large horse headstalls. 

Large Horse Leather Horse Tack


(information from Horse and Mule Trainer Jerry Tindell)

“Mules are built differently than horses due to the influence of the donkey. The donkey gives the mule a broader forehead, larger eyes and a wider base at the ears. The average sized horse brow band is typically too short at the base of the ears for the mile, often resulting in pinching. A brow band that isn’t long enough can rub or cut back of crown (behind the ears) causing soreness and discomfort for the mule. The throat latch also needs to often be a bit longer too.

While working with Buckaroo Leather, John with Buckaroo Leather has perfected an accurate fit for the mule and always uses the finest harness leather in the finished products.

Sizing information for the mule. For the brow band length measure from 2” behind ears around brow. Average mule will take a 19-20” brow. (brow bands are measured at the longest point) Some
large ones will take a 22”. Better to have a bigger brow band than too small.”……Jerry Tindell

Buckaroo Leather is proud to work with Horse and Mule trainer Jerry Tindell. Jerry has been working with Buckaroo Leather to design many of the mule styles we have to offer. You can visit his website at  www.jerrytindell.com

Mules also have a narrower chest and need the type of breast collar that fits up above their shoulders and they usually need an over the neck strap to hold the breast collar up in the best pulling position.

Buckaroo Leather proudly manufacturers all your western horse tack pieces for your mule.

Mule Western Leather Tack

Drafts and Draft Crosses:

And of course Drafts and Draft crosses are larger all over. So Buckaroo Leather has manufactured a line of quality horse tack specifically designed for Draft horses.

When ordering, for a custom fit, include with your order the complete crown/poll measurement- from the corner of the mouth along the head up over the poll down to the other corner of the mouth.

 Qauality Leather Horse Tack made for Large Horse, Mule or 
Draft Horses made right here in America!!

Buckaroo Leather Horse Tack for the Large Horse, 
Mule and Draft Horses

Our family has been dedicated for 30 years in serving the 
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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

History of Santa Maria Style Barbeque

Happy 4th of July!!

First, lets remember why we celebrate this day..our Freedom!!! And give thanks to all those who have and are still defending our Freedom!!! 

Buckaroo Leather is Proud to be American Made!!

With 4th of July comes barbecues, family and food!!

What are you barbecuing??? What type of barbeque do you use????

Have you heard of Santa Maria Barbeque??? This style of barbeque is flavorful and simple. Simple ingredients but great taste.

The history of Santa Maria barbeque goes back to the early Californio-Vaqueros of the 1800's. The ranchers of the Santa Maria Valley in California would host large Spanish style feasts for their Vaqueros (cowboys) after every cattle roundup.

The ranchers would barbeque large quantities of beef over pits dug in the ground. They would fill the pits with hot coals of local coast live oak or "Red Oak" wood. The beef would be seasoned with local ingredients, but nothing to elaborate. The key to the flavor was the simple ingredients and the beef being slowly cooked to seal in the flavor.

The meal would be served with pinquitos. They are a small pink bean that according to local legend are indigenous to Santa Maria Valley. Some believe the beans were given as a gift by a Mexican vaquero to one of the early Swiss-Italian settlers. Others believe that a lady brought several plants with her when she migrated from Europe.

This style of Santa Maria Barbeque was still used in the 20th century. As seen below in this picture from R.H. Tesene's book Santa Maria Style Barbeque, it show volunteers tending the barbeque over a pit at an Independence Day Celebration in 1904.

Over the years, the style used by the Vaqueros remained the same, but how locals of Santa Maria grilled the meat changed. Instead of grilling the beef over a pit in the ground, they began to string cuts of beef on skewers or rods and would still cook the beef over the red oak wood.

This led way to a local group of business men in Santa Maria who formed a Santa Maria Barbecue club. They would meet at a one of the mens house and cook over a grill, more like what you would see today.

The key to Santa Maria barbeque is the simplicity of the ingredients, the thick cuts of beef, and the use of the red oak from the Santa Maria Valley. The rest of the meal consists of toasted sweet French bread, pinquito beans, salsa, and a simple dessert.

Love this picture of Ronald Reagan at the White House.

President Ronald Reagan was an avid fan of Santa Maria-style barbecue. While he was President the White House staged several Santa Maria style barbecues including five feasts on the South Lawn of the White House.

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