Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Frank Bell's Springtime Horse Check...


Frank Bell is a natural horse trainer and horse whisperer. His gentle solutions to training your horse are a wonderful method to make both you and your horse one.

Frank's journey with horses has evolved over the past two decades. When Frank comes from a perspective of genuine caring for the animal, and the horse understands that, you can accomplish amazing things. The symmetry of two living creatures interacting so each becomes a whole, is truly magical.

Frank's vision is to share this philosophy with mankind on every level as horses and humans heal each other and ultimately realize their full potential.

Whatever equine discipline you choose, English or Western riding, it will be greatly enhanced when you understand the theory, technique, and timing of this remarkable horse training system. 

"My mission is to help horses and humans on all levels become more grounded in a world that is ever more rapidly heading in the opposite direction."- Frank Bell

In Frank's new newsletter he gives some great springtime advice for horses-

          A few points about horses and springtime 

Be sure your horses continue to have unlimited access to ample water. Tank heaters are good insurance against colic and dehydration

Remember that one day can be warm, even balmy. . . the next full blown winter yet again. Continue to provide shelter from the elements

Do your horse’s feet need attention?

Spring worming and vaccinations are a good idea.  This is also a good time to have a thorough dental exam performed on your horse and take corrective action as necessary.  Deterioration in health and body condition of older horses can often be traced to improper dental care so they should receive particular attention.

Horses can handle cold and they can handle wet, but not both at the same time. If you live in such conditions, shelter is important. When it is cold horses need to eat hay to stay warm. Unlimited grass hay is optimum

Stallions and geldings develop beans that obstruct urination. Learn how to check for this condition

Tuning up your tack makes for a great winter/spring project. Clean your blankets, pads, girths, and tack.  Do a close inspection of worn leather parts and replace if in question. Both you and your horses will be real happy about this come spring
Warm-up in the spring is of utmost importance as horses can be quite frisky especially if not ridden for an extended period. 

Saddling up and climbing right on is not recommended. My safety system,  is the focus of my Discover the Horse You Never Knew DVD and Gentle Solutions Book. This logical sequence of exercises puts you in charge and that leadership follows into the saddle as the horse’s energy is used constructively and brains and feet connect. 

Feel what the horse is telling you on the ground and in the saddle. Are you on the same page? Is your horse well? Are you in a good place to ride and what is your plan? The more time we spend THINKING ahead of riding, the greater our accomplishments.

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Stephanie said...

I can say that its good to know some horse trainers still know that horses learn just fine without constant whips and spurs. **