Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dog Collars and Leashes Then and Now

Not all dog collars and leashes are created equal. Buckaroo Leather's quality leather dog leashes and collars are not only unique and stylish but will be the only collar and leash you have to buy.

Let's talk history.  Dog collars have been around since Ancient Egypt. Dogs in Ancient Egypt were considered hunters or protectors not pets. The Egyptians used dog collars in all their dog training. The dog collars became quite artistic.

In ancient Greece dog collars were used more to protect the dogs. Farm dogs wore spike studded collars and sheepdogs wore a leather collar studded with nails. These studs protected both dogs from being bitten in the neck by a wolf.

An interesting fact is that sheepdogs needed to be white, so they could be seen at night. While the farm dogs had to be black, so they could be concealed to surprise intruders.

In the Middle Ages, dogs were used as hunters and shepherds. Their dog collars used were made from simple leather for boar and hare hunting.

In Europe, during the Renaissance, owners used plain dog collars, but added rings for leashes and name tags.

Leather Dog collars and leashes have come a long way.......through history.

The functions of the dog collar and leash are the same today as in ancient times. You can choose from all kinds of styles of dog leashes and collars but to find the same durable craftsmanship as in ancient times look no further than Buckaroo Leather.

Buckaroo Leather has quality leather dog collars and leashes. Our dog collars and leashes are all hand bench made in our shop in California. Both dog collar and leash are made from Hermann Oak heavy weight supple rein Leather.

Buckaroo Leather also has quality custom leather dog collars and leashes with your choice of conchas to suit your style (or your dogs!). Our western dog leashes and collars are crafted from the finest Hermann Oak Leather. It is a  supple heavy weight leather. The dog collars and leashes and the leather used are all American Made!!!!

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