Thursday, July 10, 2014

Learn How To Properly Fit Your Mule, Large Horse and Draft Horses

Mules look’n good outfitted personally at the Buckaroo Leather booth at the Bishop Mule Days in Bishop Ca. These sheekaroo mule ladies smilin’ from here to tomorrow.

Give John a call to help you create your dream tack for your large horse, mule or Draft

Larger horses, mules and draft horses are becoming more popular with every day!!!! Thus, making a large demand now for quality American leather horse tack and equipment that fits properly.

Large Horses:

Large horses all have heads longer and broader across the brow with larger throats. So, Buckaroo Leather offers large horse headstalls. 

Large Horse Leather Horse Tack


(information from Horse and Mule Trainer Jerry Tindell)

“Mules are built differently than horses due to the influence of the donkey. The donkey gives the mule a broader forehead, larger eyes and a wider base at the ears. The average sized horse brow band is typically too short at the base of the ears for the mile, often resulting in pinching. A brow band that isn’t long enough can rub or cut back of crown (behind the ears) causing soreness and discomfort for the mule. The throat latch also needs to often be a bit longer too.

While working with Buckaroo Leather, John with Buckaroo Leather has perfected an accurate fit for the mule and always uses the finest harness leather in the finished products.

Sizing information for the mule. For the brow band length measure from 2” behind ears around brow. Average mule will take a 19-20” brow. (brow bands are measured at the longest point) Some
large ones will take a 22”. Better to have a bigger brow band than too small.”……Jerry Tindell

Buckaroo Leather is proud to work with Horse and Mule trainer Jerry Tindell. Jerry has been working with Buckaroo Leather to design many of the mule styles we have to offer. You can visit his website at

Mules also have a narrower chest and need the type of breast collar that fits up above their shoulders and they usually need an over the neck strap to hold the breast collar up in the best pulling position.

Buckaroo Leather proudly manufacturers all your western horse tack pieces for your mule.

Mule Western Leather Tack

Drafts and Draft Crosses:

And of course Drafts and Draft crosses are larger all over. So Buckaroo Leather has manufactured a line of quality horse tack specifically designed for Draft horses.

When ordering, for a custom fit, include with your order the complete crown/poll measurement- from the corner of the mouth along the head up over the poll down to the other corner of the mouth.

 Qauality Leather Horse Tack made for Large Horse, Mule or 
Draft Horses made right here in America!!

Buckaroo Leather Horse Tack for the Large Horse, 
Mule and Draft Horses

Our family has been dedicated for 30 years in serving the 
Western Horseman the safest most durable Quality 
American made leather horse tack....... Buckaroo John Brand Buckaroo Leather, The Brand to Demand 
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