Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Traditional Vaquero Mecates...Horse Mane, Handmade, Top notch,

Buckaroo Leather has found a true Vaquero Mecate............

This is our newest most unique find yet. These new mecates are top notch!!! They are made by 4th generation Mecate Makers from the Idaho Owyhee desert.

They make all of their Mecates by hand from horse mane hair only. They do not believe in using cores of any kind in the center. They have used their Grandmother's traditions from the early 1900's. They believe horse mane is the best for their ropes because it is soft, and easy to work with.

All of their ropes are one of a kind! No two mecates are exactly alike.

They have kept the family art of Mecate making going by making these traditional Vaquero type Mecates with a little "twist"................

with these stylish Sheekaroo colors............

(pictured here)

(pictured here)

(pictured here)

Watch our How-to-Videos on How to Tie a Mecate Rein to a Rawhide Bosal

How to Tie the Mecate to a Snaffle Bit Bridle with Slobber straps. Buckaroo John Brand demonstrates the proper way to tie a Mecate to a Snaffle Bit Bridle with Leather Slobber straps. This combination has won the favor of many Western Horsemen.

Buckaroo Leather has horse hair mecates, mane hair mecates, alpaca and mohair mecates.

Mecates have evolved to be a popular piece of horse gear and art for cowboys and buckaroos all over the world. Mecates are used for lead ropes or tie ropes. Some cowboys call them get down lines, snaffle bit reins and leads. Also two-reins, bosal reins, and western hackamore reins.

To use your snaffle bit with the mecate rope you will need slobber straps. Slobber straps connect to the snaffle bits and the mecate is attached to the slobber strap. Slobber straps for mecates have one large hole in each end to allow the mecate to be pushed through and tied.

Buckaroo Leather Slobber straps are made from quality leather. There are plain leather with a buckle or beautiful hand tooled and carved straps, with an acorn or rose design. (pictured here)

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