Sunday, February 10, 2008

Intermountain Reined Cow Horse Circuit partners up with Buckaroo leather....

Our Family at Buckaroo Leather is proud
to have partnered up with Intermountain
Reined Cow Horse Circuit as their 2008 Corporate and Championship Award Incentive Fund Sponsor.

The Intermountain Reined Cow Horse Circuit
held their annual award banquet in Boise, Idaho
on Saturday February 9, 2008 for the
accomplishments of its members and their
horses for 2007.

It was at this
celebration of awards and silent auctions
that their Treasurer Sarah Skaar,
who has volunteered for the past 9 years,
announced their organization was now in a
proud partnership with Buckaroo Leather.....
Buckaroo Leather manufactured the custom
laser engraved Bronc nose halters with NRCHA
logo awarded that night.

It was also announced the Champions in 10 classes
for 2008 will be awarded, for the first time thanks to
Buckaroo leather sponsorship, cash prizes
that will help compensate for their
travel expenses and will be awarded at the end of 2008.........

The Buckaroo Leather Family is honored to be partnered
up with this fine organization and wants to wish all it
members a safe and prosperous future......

BuckarooJohn Brand

Buckaroo Leather The Brand to Demand

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