Monday, May 4, 2009

Buckaroo Leather's Favorite Cowboy Websites

I had such a great response from my first Blog on this subject, that I decided to write about more of my favorite websites.

Since starting my own blog, website, and now a new monthly newsletter, I have encountered and met some passionate and interesting people in the horse world. Listed below are their websites and brief description of each. I encourage you to visit and pass along these websites.

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The Best Horse Sense
What I Need for the Future I Learned in the Pasture.

A great website for all horse lovers! Whether you are a western rider, trail rider, or just for leisure, you will appreciate the horse sense!

Below is some information about this website.

Some of the most important life lessons I have learned have been from the back of a horse. I learned to love horses in my late thirties. Unlike someone who has been around horses since childhood, I have learned horsemanship through an adult’s eyes. As a result, those lessons have spilled over into the rest of my life. I have become a better person since I started playing with horses.

I want to share those lessons on leadership, understanding, forgiveness, and love that I learned from my horses. Come join me on this adventure.

We all know horses need a farrier! John has some great articles on how to keep your horses hooves' healthy. Great information for all breeds of horses, western riding, trail riding, competitive riding and overall horse health.

Below is some information about John,

John Silveira is a Farrier, Aikido practitioner, spiritualist, born and raised in San Mateo California the bay area. For information on his shoeing method and the 100% track record just go to and leave contact information. Thank you and remember to Care4Horses.

An excerpt from his website-

Uncovering more controversy with Barefoot vs Shod horses. To be perfectly honest with you this Barefoot thing is the ONLY area i get any flack from when i address issues surrounding it. And it's ALWAYS from the Barefoot People. So be it !! I want to be clear - i'm NOT against barefoot horses - it's just that not all horses can go barefoot - just won't happen.

I have long been fascinated by relationships. Whether it is the relationship between humans and their pets, a person and a higher power, or musicians and their instruments, I have studied it in an attempt to understand it and help the person deepen those relationships and achieve harmony. is designed to be a place to gather and disperse information on animal communication and animals.

Thomas Herding Technique-Discovering the Communicated Equine

Communication between horse and rider is vital. If you are competing in one of the various competitive equine sports, such as trail trials, Gymkhana, or Cowboy Mounted Shooting, you need to be able to know your horse and communicate. This website is a great resource!

Below is some information about the site and their mission statement-

A spiritual connection with the horse is paramount to the physical, For it is this higher power that transcends and controls all that follows.

The mission of Thomas Herding Technique is equine behavior and stress management through better human/horse communication.

A wonderful ranch and website! Below is some information-

Being able to move to the USA (1995) and especially to the Black Hills was a gift from Heaven. I brought my horse along, Djinni-Fee, my dreams and visions of living in and with nature, surrounded by horses, learning more about natural health care and turning my passion for painting portraits into recognized works of art.

None of these dreams would have become reality if not for my husband Jack, humble, patient and alway encouraging. He generously invited me into his heart and Plenty Star Ranch. Together we turned this most beautiful place into a guest ranch and horse camp, where I can also offer natural horsemanship clinics, using some of our awesome herd of Spanish Mustangs. Come visit - coffee is always on!

Smoke Creek Ranch is located in the south central area of Pennsylvania. We are a young operation, raising and training AQHA and APHA bred horses. Our breeding herd is built on the famous "Three Bars" bloodlines, Zippo Pine Bar, Doc Bar and our favorite, Sonny Dee Bar.

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Quality Hermann Oak Leather with a width of 2 1/2". This Pulling style Breast Collar is oiled & stitched with a soft chap lining and finished with Nickel Plate roller buckle hardware; the BC65 version is stitched heavy harness leather. Both Breast Collars have an over the shoulder fit. It is designed to wrap through the saddle swells, perfect for a pulling position.

With a traditional Cowboy look this Pulling Breast Collar is designed for roping or heavy mountain horse riding. The quality leather color is Golden with a Hand Tooled basket design. The width is 2 1/2" wide with Nickel Plate hardware. This Pulling Breast Collar has an over the shoulder fit. It is designed to wrap through the saddle swells, perfect for a pulling position.

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